Captain Anthony "Tony" Toxopeus
Accredited Marine Surveyor, Vancouver B.C. Canada

With over 30 years working as an Accredited Marine Surveyor Vancouver based Boat Surveyor Capt. Tony Toxopeus has surveyed Boats, Yachts, Ships, Tugboats and even Hovercraft...anything that floats. A Vancouver Marine Surveyor needs a varied and strong background to be able to effectively address your needs whether it's a Barge, Floating Home, Sailboat or Powerboat. If you need a qualified and experienced Marine Surveyor Vancouver based Captain Tony Toxopeus, Vancouvers first Accredited Marine Surveyor is an excellent choice.

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Accredited Marine Surveyor,
Vancouver B.C.
Since 1987


Active Marine Services offers Marine Surveying, Marine Claims Adjusting and Consulting Services that are tailored to specifically meet the needs of vessel owners, underwriters, lenders and legal professionals.

Whether it's a sailboat, powerboat, fishing vessel or a tugboat our 30+ years of experience operating, training, repairing and testing all types of vessels, including jetboats, hovercraft and hydrofoils is respectable. In addition to vigorous training and experience as a Canadian Coast Guard officer and experienced merchant mariner gives us an in-depth knowledge of Transport Canada and Coast Guard Marine Safety Regulations, Acts and Construction Standards. This ensures that our work is informative, reliable and delivered on time. This gives us an unrivalled advantage to expertly assess your requirements and meet your needs. We maintain an active network of experienced professional mariners with whom we regularly consult and employ in their area of expertise as needed.

As qualified and experienced boat, yacht and ship surveyors we formulate realistic and dependable indications of the vessel's structure, condition and market valuation. Our Marine Surveyors provide detailed reports on the vessels condition, damage and issues. We are also experienced investigators of marine accidents and have been employed and accepted as expert witnesses in the courts.

Captain Tony Toxopeus was the first Canadian AMS (Accredited Marine Surveyor) and member of the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS) and graduated from one of the first courses that the Chapmans School of Seamanship conducted for Marine Surveyors in 1988.

The majority of our clients are located throughout British Columbia Canada including Vancouver, Vancouver Island, The Gulf Islands, Sunshine Coast as well as in the Point Roberts and Blaine Washington communities. We serve mariners throughout the entire west coast of North America and wherever else our services have been required including Alaska, Washington, Oregon and California, Eastern Canada and several overseas locations.


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Member of the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors since 1988